Employee Cell Phone Monitoring

Monitor employee cell phone activity including calls, app use & web browsing

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Employee Cell Phone Monitoring


Ensure employees use company Android and iPhones for business with InterGuard’s cell phone monitoring software. No Jailbreak or Rooting required to set up monitoring. View app usage, texts, web sites, web searches, call logs, GPS and more.

Boost Productivity

Cell phone monitoring gives you visibility into how much your employees focus on work, not distractions. Track employee cell phone activities and usage to increase employee productivity. Works for remote and office staff.

Monitor User Activity

View activity reports and screenshots to gain insight into what employees are really doing on their business cell phones. Track all activities across apps, web browsers, text messages, photos, calls and more.

Keep Secrets Safe

Private or sensitive information can be lost or stolen through improper cell phone usage. Keep data secure and prove compliance by recording all employee actions with cell phone monitoring software.


How Does Cell Phone Monitoring Work?


Get Real-Time Alerts

Get real-time alerts when an employee performs a risky action from their cell phone. Get alerted to unusual or anomalous behavior, policy violations, or even when a risky keyword is typed in a message or email.

Review Activity Reports

InterGuard offers preset reports or let's you create a custom report designed to meet your specific needs. Reports can tell you which employees use their phones the most to search the web, send texts, or chat on Facebook when they should be working.

View Activity Logs

Cell phone monitoring software lets you see a detailed log of all activities carried out on employee cell phones - so you can prove compliance, perform investigations and keep employee activities productive and safe.

App Usage

View a list of every app used on your employee's cell phone. Ensure company phones are used for business.

GPS Location

Track employee phone GPS location when they are on the road.

Website Visits

Check for suspicious or non productive web activity that diminishes productivity and security.

Web Searches

Find out what your employees are searching for with their cell phones.

Call Logs

Monitor when calls are made, received and missed. Includes, time of call, duration and phone numbers.

Photos (Camera Roll)

Camera phones can be used to take pictures of confidential business information. Make sure employee photos aren't harmful.

Facebook Messenger

*Android only. See chat messages from Facebook Messenger.


Monitor chat conversations on WhatsApp - one of the most popular international messaging app.

Text Messages

See all SMS & MMS text messages sent and received on your employee's business cell phone.

How Do I Get Started?



Purchase a license online using our self-service checkout.


Download the cell phone monitoring agents from your web-based account, then install them on the cell phone.


View employee cell phone activity. Takes only a few minutes to appear in your dashboard

Full Compatibility

InterGuard is compatible with the following devices and operating systems (both 32 and 64 bit)



(Android 4-10)



(iOS 8.0 - 13)


Our Cloud, Your Cloud or On-Prem


Our Cloud


The fastest and easiest way to get started. You don’t have to worry about buying hardware or a complicated setup. Just download your Cell Phone Monitoring licenses and get to work.


Your Cloud


Want to host your own cell phone monitoring software on-prem or on your private cloud? As long as you have SQL Server (Standard or Enterprise) and an existing Windows Server (2012, 2014, 2016 or 2017) then we will provide you with an installer that creates a database instance for InterGuard. No need to buy any additional hardware.